Cosmetic Laser Surgery in Portland, Oregon

The Oregon Laser Surgery Center provides innovative cosmetic laser surgery treatments and state of the art cosmetic procedures such as non-surgical face lifts, tattoo removal, blemish treatments, skin tightening, laser hair removal and wrinkle reduction, birthmark and sunspot removal. Our cosmetic laser surgery procedures involve various techniques that are custom tailored to your body, your skin type and your goals. Contact us today for more information about our Portland cosmetic laser surgery services.

Portland Cosmetic Laser Surgery

    Portland Cosmetic Laser Surgery Center
  • Smooth Fine Lines
  • Blemish Removal
  • Non-Surgical Face Lifts
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Eliminate Crows Feet
  • Birthmark Removal
  • Reduce Pore Size
  • Scar Removal
  • Even Skin Tone
  • Sunspot Removal
  • Laser Lipolysis
  • Body Contouring
  • Latisse Improvement (eyelash growth)
  • Skin Tightening
  • Tattoo Removal


Portland Cosmetic Laser Surgery Center

As time passes by, our skin ages and the youthful glow starts to dim. Fine lines turn into wrinkle and crows feet that replace tight youthful skin of younger years, however, advancements in the medical industry and cosmetic laser surgery field have opened remedies for such aliments. Your skin is the body’s largest organ so it is important to treat is right. Our Portland Cosmetic Laser Surgery Center is dedicated to providing the best cosmetic laser surgery in Portland. Using our custom tailored cosmetic laser surgery techniques, we can effectively smooth wrinkles, reduce pore size, even skin tones, and by removing the dead or damaged tissue, your skin will rebuild and regain it’s radiant glow naturally by stimulating the growth of new collagen. Contact us directly for more information about Portland cosmetic laser surgery treatments.