Portland, Oregon Laser Surgery Center

Welcome to the Portland, Oregon Laser Surgery Center. We provide the best and most advanced medical and cosmetic laser surgery in Portland, Oregon and beyond. Our bodies are all unique and your laser surgery treatments should be personalized to you body, skin type and goals. At the Portland, Oregon Laser Surgery Center, we listen to our patients goals, questions and concerns in complete confidentiality so we can custom tailor the perfect treatments for you. Our non-invasive laser surgery center will transform your skin with a radiant and youthful glow.

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Medical & Cosmetic Laser Surgery in Portland

As we grow older with age, so does our skin. Medical laser surgery and cosmetic laser surgery are very similar in nature, but not in application. Our Portland medical laser surgery center provides a diverse array of professional treatments from laser eye surgery, wart and mole removal, to sunspot treatments and scar removal. Our Portland cosmetic laser surgery center also provide a wide range of treatments from blemish treatments, laser hair removal and wrinkle reduction to birthmark and sunspot removal, skin tightening and even tattoo removal. Contact our Portland Laser Surgery Center for more information about our medical and cosmetic laser surgery services.

What is laser surgery?

Laser surgery is a medical and/or cosmetic procedure that utilizes high powered laser light to remove dead or damaged tissues from the skin. Removing the dead tissue and applying specialized serums promotes natural healing from within so your body will look and feel years younger. Laser light technology advancements allow us to utilize laser light for non-invasive surgery procedures that are often painless and patients experience faster recovering times with little to no down time. We use several different laser types and forms of light applications to deliver the best results. Please contact our laser surgery clinic to schedule a confidential Portland laser surgery evaluation.