Common Types of Laser Light & Source Devices

Portland Laser Surgery Clinic-Type of lasers used in medical-cosmetic surgery

What is laser surgery used for?

Laser surgery is a form of surgery wherein a laser is used for the surgical procedure instead of a knife, saw or scalpel. Laser surgery utilizes high powered lasers light of varying wavelengths to vaporize damaged or unwanted cells and tissue without harming the adjacent tissue. Laser light technology has made several advancements over the years and this advanced technology is currently being used in the medical and cosmetic laser surgery fields. Lasers offer a very precise way to treat problem areas with amazing accuracy and effectiveness. There are many different common types of laser light used in the laser surgery industry and each type of laser is used for different purposes. Below you will find a list of common types of lasers used by our Portland, Oregon Laser Surgery Clinic.

Types of lasers used in surgery:

  • CoolGlide Lasers: The CoolGlide laser is used for in our Portland laser removal procedures. This is the first laser that was cleared for permanent hair reduction and removal for all skin type. The Cool Glide laser is endorsed by physicians all over the world.
  • Cool Lipo Lasers: The Cool Lipo laser is utilized in our Portland fat reduction and anti-cellulite procedures. This is a short procedure that gently disrupts fat cells with minimal side effects.  The cool Lipo laser procedure breaks up fat cells so your body can remove them naturally.
  • ThermaCool Device: The ThermaCool Device is used in our Portland non-surgical face lifts procedures, acne treatments and body contouring services. The ThermaCool Device uses a patented radiofrequency (RF) technology called ThermaCool. This laser can gentle lift skin and tighten areas all over the body.
  • GentleMax Lasers: The GentleMax Laser is commonly used in our Portland laser hair removal treatments. However, the GentleMax Laser is also used to treat varicose and spider veins on the face, legs and arms. GentleMax Lasers treatments are for being the most powerful and most effective ways to removal hair permanently.
  • SmoothBeam Lasers: The SmoothBeam Laser is used for in many of our Portland acne treatments as well as sebaceous hyperplasia procedures. SmoothBeam Lasers are very effective because they can be used on mild, moderate and sever acne.
  • Cynergy Lasers: The Cynergy laser uses two different lasers at the same time and it’s the most advanced vascular laser available today. The dual light output of the Cynergy laser is more effective at gently treating spider veins, redness, rosacea, and leg veins.
  • Diolite Lasers: The Diolite laser creates a powerful beam of light energy and applies it to a specific area of the body. Diolite laser are used in our Portland mole removal or sunspot procedures. The laser light energy is directly absorbed by blood vessels and melanin/pigment, attacking the damaged cells and leaving healthy cells in tact.
  • Fraxel Re:pair Lasers: The Fraxel Re:pair Laser is used in our Portland wrinkle reduction procedures as well as scar removal treatments. Fraxel Re:pair Laser technology has successfully harnessed the power of CO2 laser, which are recognized by the medical community as on of the most effective skin resurfacing laser available today.
  • Fraxel Re:store Lasers: The Fraxel Re:store Lasers is also a dual-wavelength laser that is used  in our Portland skin resurfacing, pigmentation lesions treatments and skin texture procedures. These non-invasive laser surgery procedures are FDA approved and clinically proven for effectiveness.
  • GentleLASE Lasers: The GentleLASE laser is generally used in our Portland laser hair removal procedures, however, it is also utilized in pigmented lesions. The GentleLASE laser is a high energy laser with a long pulse emits a gentle beam of laser light that travels through the skin to the hair follicles.
  • Isolaz Lasers: The Isolaz treatments are most commonly utilized in our Portland acne treatments and skin rejuvenation procedures. The Isolaz is a deep cleansing pore purification treatment that can be used on acne treatment patients of all ages.
  • Lightsheer Duet Lasers: The Lightsheer Duet laser offers high powered laser light in both long and short pulses. The Lightsheer Duet laser is used in our Portland laser hair removal treatments and the versatility of short and long pulse light waves is very effective.
  • Lumenis One Lasers:  The Lumenis One Laser offers one of the broadest spectrum of laser light energy so it can be used across a wide array of laser surgery services. We utilize the Lumenis One Lasers in our Portland pigmentation lesions treatments and vessel procedures.
  • Medlite C Lasers:  The Medlite C Lasers are designed with many different laser light wavelengths in order to have a wider range of laser surgery applications. We use the Medlite C Lasers in our Portland tattoo removal, wrinkle reduction therapy and brown spot treatments.
  • Pearl Lasers: The Pearl Lasers rejuvenate your skin and we use Pearl lasers in our Portland skin rejuvenation treatments, brow spot procedures and wrinkle reduction services. The Pearl laser smooths out fine lines, reduces large pores, and improves uneven skin tones.
  • Profile Erbium Lasers: The Profile Erbium Laser are also used in our Portland skin rejuvenation treatments as well as fractional erbium procedures. The Profile Erbium Laser resurfaces and revitalizes skin while treating acne, pigmentation lesions, and wrinkles.
  • PSR Portrait Device: The Portrait Plasma Skin Rejuvenation or PSR, uses kinetic plasma energy to tighten skin, smooth wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin. We use the PSR Portrait Device in our Portland wrinkle treatments and skin rejuvenation procedures.
  • QS Alexandrite Lasers: The QS Alexandrite Lasers is used in our Portland tattoo removal treatments and brown spot reduction. The QS Alexandrite Lasers actually offers one of the best laser light wavelengths available for tattoo removal procedures.
  • Profractional, Lumenis Active/Deep FX Lasers: The Profractional, Lumenis Active/Deep FX lasers are used to resurface the skin and we regularly use them in our Portland fractional resurfacing procedures. it is also the perfect laser treatments for most age  and sun spots.
  • Titan Device: The Titan Device is also used in our Portland non-surgical face lifts procedures and body contouring services because the Titan Device effectively tightens skin. The Titan procedure is a safe non-surgical method that utilizes infrared light to tighten skin and reverse the signs of aging.
  • UltraPulse CO2 Lasers: The UltraPulse CO2 Laser boasts an intense laser beam that vaporizes the damaged or dead cells it’s applied to. The UltraPulse CO2 Laser is used in our Portland scar removal treatments, skin resurfacing procedures and wrinkle reduction services.
  • V-Beam Lasers: The V-Beam Laser is utilized in our Portland rosacea treatments, scars removal and birthmarks reduction. The V-Beam laser can deliver the desired results without damaging the surrounding tissue. The V-Beam laser treatment may require 2-4 visits to achieve the best results.
  • VariLite Lasers: The VariLite Lasers is used in our Portland acne treatments, redness diffusing procedures, brown spots removal, blood vessels treatments, and facial rejuvenation. The VariLite laser has been one of the leading laser treatments for many years.

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